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With over thirty years of experience in helping customers and business in the flooring industry, we have helped thousands of individuals successfully market their product, business and vision.  We pride ourselves on focusing and partnering with our clients to reach their goals.  In a market as competitive as the flooring industry, online marketing, SEO and a user friendly interactive website can mean the difference between gaining or loosing a customer.  Let us show you how we can help you and your business gain customers through the experience they have on your website, just as we have for many others.



At SEO Monolith, email marketing is a lot more than sending great email campaigns. We have developed email marketing strategies specifically for the flooring industry to make your emails seen more often, convert better and simply outperform all other methods of sending emails to customers. Through great content, email segmentation, A/B split tests and automated flows, your brand and your products will always be front and center to your customers.


Now, more than ever, your company’s social media presence is key in both nurturing and expanding your customer base. Your brand’s visibility on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn has to be presented with great content and engaged with great customer interaction. Our social media team are experts in delivering engaging and brand conscious posts, with specific goals, targeted messages and an overall turn-key social media presence for your company.


Engage your customers and pre-qualify them to give your sales team a faster response and an overall better customer service.  Your company’s chatbot never sleeps, allowing your company to capture leads 24/7


Imagine the ability to reach your competitor’s customers instantly by using location specific advertising. How does it work? Its simple, we place a geographic boundary around a point of interest (Ex. your competitor’s showrooms, a trade show, etc)  and when a mobile device enters that area they are served your ads! The possibilities are endless.


We use data and automation to optimize industry related campaigns that drive customer acquisition and maximize your facebook ad budget. By creating granular facebook campaign structures filled with innovation, creativity and years of experience in marketing flooring products, SEO Monolith has already helped many flooring companies scale their ROI like never before. 


Your company may already have an amazing website, but if your customers can’t find it, what good is it?  Our proven track record in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for the flooring industry, has allowed our clients to outrank their competitors over and over again. Like many aspects of digital marketing, SEO is constantly evolving and your company must evolve with it.  


Tomorrow’s technology is here today! At SEO Monolith, we have implemented virtual showroom solution to many of our clients with unprecedented success. Our Virtual 3D Solutions designed for tile and flooring showrooms, empowers customers to make informed and faster decisions without the need to visit a physical location. Now more than ever, in a world where face to face sale interactions are declining, our virtual showroom solutions allows customer to engage your entire product line in the comfort and safety of their home, while streamlining the order taking process so your sales team can be more productive and your customers more engaging.


Your company has great products, but are you marketing them in the right way? As you know, in the flooring industry, presentation is key. Our display marketing and merchandising department is known for creating and developing innovative and creative solutions to showcase your product line for your customers. From product catalogs to tile display boards and even sample swatch cards, we make brands shine. Short runs and custom designs are our specialty. Get a quote today!

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