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Start diversifying your product offerings for your current and prospective clients today. Lets face it, the flooring market is flooded with cheap products and manufacturers are reducing their commissions payments, or even worse, selling direct to your customers. Overseas freight costs are killing the American market and tariffs keep fluctuating. 

Start offering marketing solutions that all of your clients need, no matter how small or big their company is. Every tile company needs to look their best as competition keeps getting worse. Buts its often overlooked. Digital marketing is no longer an option; it’s a necessity! 

We have helped flooring companies increase their brand awareness, rebuild their brand and scale their business to new levels through email automations, lead generation, geofencing and even virtual showrooms. 

As a Brand Ambassador for SEO Monolith, you don’t have to talk tech or explain in depth digital marketing; you just need to create the bridge from us to them. We take it from there! We provide you the tools to present our services in a professional and easy way. Brand Ambassador support is available right here in the United States, so any questions you may have can be answered right away.

The best part is that just by having your client complete a scheduled call with one of our agents, you will get a commission payment, regardless if they sign on or not. Furthermore, most of our clients are on monthly payment plans, so you will receive monthly commissions as long as they are with us. Its truly that easy!

Start bridging the gap for SEO Monolith and start earning today! Schedule a call to get started.